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Preparing Your Home Heater For Winter

It’s been months since you turned on your heater/furnace. Do you know what steps to take before turning it on for the first time this season to help combat the potential smoke and odor that happens when you flip the switch? Learn steps you can take before turning your heater/furnace on for the first time that makes the transition to heat season a little easier on your family, your heater/furnace, and your home.


Mike Rowe: Hi, I’m Mike Rowe. The technicians at One Hour have put together a series of how-to videos perfectly designed for anyone ambitious enough to attempt to repair their own furnace or air conditioning system. I think they’re fantastic, however, if you want to make it simple, just call them directly. They’ll go virtually anywhere and they’ll be there in no time. That’s what I’d do. Sean’s on his way somewhere right now. Either way, good luck! Carry on, Sean.


Title: How to Prepare Your Heater for Winter


Graphic: Remember to turn off the power to your unit prior to performing ANY maintenance. You can turn the power off at the breaker or terminate at the outdoor disconnect. 


Chad Huddleson: I’m Chad Huddleson; I’m with One Hour Heating & Air Conditioning®.


Before the cold weather arrives, pick a date to test your furnace. When a heating system hasn’t been turned on for months, it can release an odor. To minimize these effects, open doors and windows and allow the furnace to run for at least ten minutes. 


Check your thermostat to be sure it’s in good working order. If you’ve pre-programmed your thermostat, this is a good time to check your settings. 


Keep extra filters on hand for those long, cold months. Always remember to switch off the power before removing the filter. Before the filter is removed, wear gloves and eye protection, and do a quick cleanup of any dirt or chipped paint. When replacing air filters, you want to make sure there is nothing that will impede access to the air handler. And as soon as you remove the old filter, place it immediately in the garbage. 


Only a trained technician should fix any loose wires, motor bearings or mold. If you see any of these items, call your local One Hour. If your furnace comes with a ten-year warranty, it’s important for you to know that proof of maintenance is required. Your local One Hour technician can perform a full service check and maintenance of your system.


Winter weather can be brutal, but the best way to ensure your home is ready is to prepare your home in advance.